Membership to the Rowing Club of Northwest Arkansas entitles the individual the use of the club’s boats and equipment and provides opportunities to row with other members. You may row as often or as little as you choose, with opportunities to improve your skills and to enjoy all the benefits of rowing. In this group, you will find rowers at all levels of experience. Normally, membership is offered after successful completion of novice classes, but experienced rowers may join immediately.

Novice classes allow you to learn the basics of rowing and safety, and give you the skills needed to participate safely in group rows. Over time, you will be able to row outside of the scheduled group rows, and can organize your own schedule, if desired. Novice class fees paid are applied toward that year’s membership fees, if you decide to join.

To join (for experienced rowers) or to sign up for novice classes, contact us at (479) 236-0926. Fees may be paid by cash or check, either directly or by mail, or you can use our online payment page.

(Note that online payments are slightly higher than payments made directly, to compensate the club for additional costs incurred through the online commerce process.)

Direct payment fees are as follows:

Yearly Individual Membership Fee: $220

Each Additional Family Membership: $105

Student Membership Fee: $155

Novice Training (Includes all 4 sessions): $90